Kidney Stone Pain Relief

Kidney stone pain … is it really as bad as everyone says?

Kidney Stone Pain Relief Doctor

I mean, come on. Those who have experienced kidney stone pain speak almost reverently about the experience.

  • “Excruciating”
  • “I wanted to die”
  • “Absolutely the worst thing that ever happened to me”
  • “It’s like a knife being stabbed in your gut, and then twisted”

And then the old standby, the one everyone’s heard, emphatically stated by any mothers who have had a kidney stone …

  • “It was far worse than giving birth!”

Can kidney stone pain really be all that bad?

Well, I can give you a definitive answer when I say …


You see, I’ve had more kidney stones than I can remember over the last 20-plus years. I’m a big, tough, ex-football player guy and many of the stones I’ve had have had me laying in a fetal position and whimpering like a baby. (Fortunately, I have found one easy-to-use plan for immediate Kidney Stone Pain Relief Program.)

Kidney stones are nothing new, as scientists have actually found evidence of kidney stones in an Egyptian mummy over 7,000 years old (I bet I know what killed the unfortunate pharaoh!). Over 3 million people visit health care providers and there are over 500,000 emergency visits because of kidney stones.

What Causes Kidney Stone Pain?

Strangely enough, doctors are not even sure what causes kidney stones, but know why they can cause such pain.

Your kidneys filter your blood, makes urine, remove waste from your body, and help regulate your important electrolyte levels. Urine moves from your kidney through narrow tubes called ureters into your bladder, and then empties through a wider tube called a uretha.

In some people, chemicals crystallize in the urine and form what is the beginning of a kidney stone. These are very small, but gradually grow over time. Most kidney stones, when they are small, actually pass out of the human body undetected through the ureter, bladder, and urethra.

Problems begin when these crystal stones grow larger. As long as they’re in the kidney, they rarely cause problems.

But when then enter the ureter, that’s when things can get nasty.

Typically, you feel a very sudden and very sharp, cramping pain in your lower back and side near your kidney or in the lower abdomen. This sudden pain is often accompanied by nausea, and vomiting.

Once in the ureter, the stone acts like a dam … the kidney keeps pumping out urine, the urine gets blocked by the stone, and the kidney and ureter start to swell. It is this swelling that can cause such excruciating pain.

Kidney Stone Shapes

Once in the ureter, the muscles in the wall of the ureter try to squeeze the stone along its way. Both the size and the shape of the stone affect how easily it moves along the ureter (I once had a 4mm “jagged” stone that ripped and tore its way down my ureter causing much bleeding and pain that was FAR WORSE than a 10mm stone that was smooth and looked like a bullet).

(By the way, if you ever experience chills and fever during an episode, it might indicate an infection and you really, really need to contact a doctor immediately. You don’t want to mess with an infection, especially a kidney infection.)

While the urine backup is what causes most of the pain, it is also what can push the stone down and into the bladder and which usually stops the kidney stone pain.

What do I use to almost instantly eliminate my kidney stone pain?

Lots of water, heat, Ibuprofen, Pain Medication (if things are really bad, using these other things that seldom happens these days) and perhaps most importantly, the all-natural remedy outlined in this report:  Kidney Stone Pain Relief.